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With TRB255, I confirmed IP connection with ping response.

But TRB255 bearer LEDs are blinking in M1/NB/2G order, even if LTE-M is connected.
Also, TRB255 does not on any signal strength LEDs, even if RSSI is -66 dBm and RSRP is -91 dBm (with gsmctl -K).

How can I correct it ?

/usr/bin/ledman -D displayed as follows.

root@Teltonika-TRB255:~# /usr/bin/ledman -D 
Registering platform...
Initializing led context...
Found 1 built-in modems!
Registering (type: 1) /sys/class/leds/mob_ssid_1 (priv: 1-1.4) (num: 1)...
Registering (type: 1) /sys/class/leds/mob_ssid_3 (priv: 1-1.4) (num: 3)...
Registering (type: 1) /sys/class/leds/mob_ssid_5 (priv: 1-1.4) (num: 5)...
Registering (type: 3) /sys/class/leds/mob_gen_2 (priv: 1-1.4) (num: 2)...
Registering (type: 3) /sys/class/leds/mob_gen_3 (priv: 1-1.4) (num: 3)...
Registering (type: 3) /sys/class/leds/mob_gen_4 (priv: 1-1.4) (num: 4)...
Initializing ubus context...
Connecting to the ubus...
Initializing WAN controller...
No WAN LEDS registered
Initializing Mobile controller...
Receiving available modems...
State `signal` changed from 0 to -255
Requesting data for modem id: 1-1.4, device: 16
[1-1.4] Current simcard state: READY
State `simcard` changed from 0 to 4
[1-1.4] Current network state: denied
State `network` changed from 0 to 4
[1-1.4] Current connection type: CAT-M1
State `technology` changed from 0 to 11
[1-1.4] Current connection state: Connected
State `connection` changed from 0 to 1
[1-1.4] Current signal: -67
State `signal` changed from -255 to -67
Available modems: 1
Registering event handlers...
[main:294] error: Failed to setup ubus API

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Thank you for contacting.

Please try to re-flash the device firmware without keeping settings .