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I am setting up a RUT955 and I am wondering if it is possible to connect different type antennas top the two external antenna connectors? I have a 2G (900MHZ) antenna in the top of the mast of my sailboat and I am thinking I could connect that to the AUX antenna connector, and connect a 4G antenna to the MAIN connector. That way I would get good coverage from the mast top 2G antenna, and still have high speed when in 4G/LTE coverage. Will this work?

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I think you are having a wrong perception between the Main and Aux antenna or what I understood is wrong. Anyways here is a short explanation about the Main and Aux Antenna.  

"When "4G (LTE)" technology is used, "AUX" antenna is used both as a diversity antenna and as a secondary receiving antenna, increasing data connection quality and overall mobile download speed of the device."

So in short the Aux antenna is just used to improve the signal reception. 

But for the situation you want to implement it is best to test it :) But it would be best if you are using the 4G Band that is 900MHz also to match it with the antenna you are going to use. The main antenna is mostly the one responsible for the good signal reception. 

You can check the supported frequency bands of your RUT955 and RUT950 here: 
RUT955 Supported Frequency Bands - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)
RUT950 Supported Frequency Bands - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

I hope it helps


Thanks for your answer,

I will try and see how it works. From my understanding I have a combined cellular and VHF antenna in the top of the mast. There's a splitter which allows me to connect VHF to one port (which is used), and another port for cellular. The antenna is old and made for 900MHz (GSM 2G base frequency).

I am not keen to change antenna, and I guess that for LTE in the higher bands having the antenna high up will not do much difference, it helps more in the lower bands. So my thinking was that I use the Main port for a 4G antenna, and I connect the mast top antenna to the AUX port. The description seems to imply that both ports are used for reception of signals (otherwise it would not be possible to use the AUX for antenna diversity on 4G).