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We are using many RUT 950 and RUT 240 as a solution for our end users.

But customers sometimes (once or twice a month) report the they have lost link to RUT modems (or to be exact devices behind then in LAN).

Se we check the state by SMS with "status" command and it reports the everything is OK, but actually is not OK in real life, because we cannot access devices any more, neither we can ping them. When we "reboot" modem with SMS command and after that things are working again.

Is there a some kind of watchdog that we can set in routers so in case modem actually looses connection that it reboots?

Modem are in closed network environment,without direct internet access.

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Yes, there is an Auto-reboot functionality that you can use. Once the ping is not going through - the router will initiate one of the processes (one of them is router reboot).