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I am using RUT240 to read PLC data via Modbus TCP, and then sending these PLC data to Schneider Machine Advisor.

When there is a interruption of the 3/4G connection to RUT240 for 5 to 15 mins, I could not buffer the timestamp and PLC data into the RUT240, and resume the data sending to Schneider Machine Advisor cloud platform.

Is there a way to temporarily store these PLC data (i.e. including the PLC variable values & corresponding timestamp) then resume the data sending when RUT240 connected to internet again?

Many Thanks!

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Is Autoreboot function is enabled ?

Data are lost on reboot but on my differents tests with MachineAdvisor, when you enable Retry on Fail on Data Sender, data are published on MachineAdvisor even if you have a connection interruption.