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I have the RUT 950 and i use it as a mobile router via LTE

now I have no internet connection on connected computer.

LAN is running, mobile is connected, I installed the latest firmware but it is not working.

PLease help.

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1. Please make sure you really have the internet connection on your RUT950. You can go to CLI, log-in with root and your webui password and use ping command to see if you're able to reach WAN network. ping

2. Check if you don't have any VLAN configurations done before, I would highly suggest resetting the device to factory defaults to avoid that.

3. Check if the cable connected to your RUT950 and computer is fine, try a different cable.

4. Make sure your network card in the computer is not preset with static IP, gateway and the subnet. It could be that it's not set to automatic and doesn't get the IP it needs. Also, you can add (router LAN IP) as a primary DNS server for resolving issues.

5. Try different SIM cards.

6. Try different LAN ports on RUT950.

7. Try a different PC.



after checking everything I found out, that the SIM card sometimes not connect.

I also try the second SIM card slot. 2 times the card is connecting, 3rd time not.

Is it possible that the APN is wrong?

I use a telekom prepaid card.