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I need to enter a list of about 400 whitelisted operators in several RUT09 routers.
Also the list needs to be updated occasionally.

Is there a way to import or enter them through CLI?

When I need to do this through the GUI it will cost several days.

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First of all, please update the firmware to the latest version.

Second, you can use uci commands to import dozens of configurations to your system at once.

If you create a dummy operator listing in the WebUI and then type uci show | grep operctl

You will see something like this:

Now you can use the same syntax to either add more listings, or you can add more codes to the same listing like this:
operctl.@operlist[0].mcc_mnc='98745' '11111'
Just use uci add, uci set, uci show commands to import, edit or show the configurations of all sorts and you should be able to do everything quicker.
Here's a little OpenWRT wiki to understand UCI better: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/base-system/uci#command-line_utility