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I have a new RUT240 with good WAN connectivity to the AT&T network, signal strength is in the 70s dbm, three bars.

We connect to the router from a MacBook via WiFi and on a consistent basis we loose connectivity to the internet, multiple times in an hour. The WAN connection stays up. Most of the times the connection comes up under a minute, sometimes we have to turn off the WiFi on the computer and turn it on.

But it always comes back up but it is supper frustrating when you trying to work and are conducting live meetings.

The computer and the router is in the same room so the WiFi signal is strong.

We have the same problem with two different laptops.

I have upgraded the firmware to the latest - RU2XX_R_00.01.14.1 but no difference.

Is this a known problem?

Would switching to a wired ethernet connection to the LAN port solve this issue?

Do you have a Technical Support line that one could call for troubleshooting help?

Thanks for your help,


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Could you please tell me what were the laptops that you've tried connecting to RUT240? Were they both MacBooks?

As far as it sounds LAN port connectivity shouldn't be an issue and sounds like something is wrong with the WiFi alone.

If you could please answer the question above and we'll see what troubleshoot steps we could take here.

Yes, both of the laptops are MacBook Pros. One is brand new and the other one is about a year old.

I appreciate any help.

Can we get an answer to this? I have one router that shows in RMS that it has been online for 6 straight days. My other two RUT240s never get beyond 20-30 minutes before losing the connection and resetting themselves. How can I get this fixed?