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Trying to access router remotely, cameras etc via ddns.

I can send the router sms (reboot, webon, sshon and so on).

DDNS, port forward works in lan, but not wan.

The status sms comes back with :

Router name - RUTX12; WAN IP - N/A; Data Connection state - Disconnected; Connection type - LTE; Signal Strength - -71; New FW available - No;

DDNS IP gets updated after reboot. So some data connectivity there is.

SSH no luck.

Basically I'm limited to sms - any good options available to connect?



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When you get a WAN IP Address, what does it look like? Your ISP may be using a CGNAT.
Hi, thanks for your response.

You may be spot on - looks like my isp uses cgnat which, by the looks of it, means no remote access, port-forwarding and so on. First time I hear of this.

Besides getting a dedicated ip, any way of getting around it?

You could have your RUT establish a VPN with your home internet connection. You'll either need a dedicated VPN server or hopefully your home modem can act as a VPN server. The resources on the RUT won't be publicly accessible, they'll only be available to you.