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After re-boot the RUTx11 shows all the correct led's BUT unable to login via wi-fi or LAN port. The LAN attached TP-LINK does not respond.

I remove the attached TP-LINK router and re-boot the RUTx11

All works OK - I plug back in the TP-LINK and that works as well.

Any ideas as my HUAWEI router never had an issue with connected devices at re-boot.

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It could be that you're running same subnet DHCP servers on both devices. Make sure only one DHCP is active. You can try connecting RUTX11 to different computers to see if the issue is in RUTX11, as it works as a router normally, but when you connect another router - you must make sure any services or servers aren't running in the same local network.

Also, make sure you're running the latest firmware.