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Firmware version: RUT9_R_00.07.00

I'm missing resp. didn't find an application bulletin on how to properly setup a DLNA server on RUT955.

So my idea was, to setup a SAMBA share and copy media files to a directory e.g. "Music".

Yet, it seems to be impossible to install the "Network Shares" and "DLNA" packages simultaneously (flash memory constraints, refer to one of my other issues in support forum).
How to extend flash memory?
How to store e.g. music files from a WIN10 system without SAMBA network shares?
Having installed an USB stick, how to simultaneously extend flash memory for system usage (packages "Network Shares" and "DLNA") and flash memory for media files?

Would it be possible to provide an Application Bulletin for this scenario describing in detail the use cases for hardware and software.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: Since about a year from time to time I'm trying to setup a usable SAMBA share, but I didn't succeed so far.

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the RUT955 has an internal SDCard Slot. Starting with the 07.00 Firmware it is possible to use this with the Memory Expansion, too.

This would leave the USB Stick open for Samba Adventures.

Thanks for answering. To be honest, I'm still confused.

Is it necessary/possible to add a SDCard into the slot you mentioned? If yes, which type/size is recommended?

How to do all this to get a running DLNA/SAMBA configuration, where can I get a detailed description? What about the application bulletin or something comparable?

And my SAMBA adventures are bad so far, sorry!

Thank you in advance.


Hi Günther,

the slot is on the inside. You have to open the router.from the back I believe.

I added a 32GB ext2 formatted SD-Card and put it in the Slot. Then I used the Memory Storage Expansion Menu to set up the SD-Card.

With SMB i can't help you, sorry.
Hi HeiterKiter, thanks a lot for your help. I will try this. But firstly I will finish my problem with additional USB Drive together with a colleague of you. So it will probably take a while before I can give you feedback on success. BR Guenther

Hello HeiterKiter,

have installed the SD Card and invoked menu "Services > USB Tools > Storage Memory Expansion", then I selected "SD" in listbox "Storage", enabled "Enable storage expansion" and pressed "Save & Apply". I waited for hours, nothing happened besides this turning thing and the text "Formatting" or so.

After all these hours I terminated the browser, re-started it and logged in again. Nothing to see concerning memory expansion via SD Card.

This actually has been a straight forward action list to step through, so the chance to do something wrong is very small.

Yet, another Teltonika support colleague advised me against expanding the system memory via a SD Card. Please explain me, why Teltonika support has different aspect on the same issue.

Thanks, BR


Hi Günther,

i am not a Teltonika employee nor support.

This is a crowd support forum in which users can help users. I am a user!

my 32GB SDCard took about 15 minutes to format. how large is yours?

Did the Teltonika support say why it is not recommended other than speed?


Hello HeiterKiter,

in this case even more thanks to you for your help. It's a great pleasure to me.

I have been using the same size/formatting as you.

The following text is a copy out of my issue "Storage memory expansion" and has been the answer from support.

Regarding the Storage Memory expansion, it is best to do it via a USB flash drive instead of using the SD card. Kindly test doing the memory expansion via USB flash drive because as of now it is not really suggested to expand the memory with the use of SD Cards due to some limitations of SD-card life expectancy.

Thanks heiterkiter, would appreciate staying in contact with you also concerning other issues or just about using RUT955.