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Any local Lithuanian users who could comment?

I've bought Rut240 to use in the summer house outside Vilnius. Reception is not very good, but bearable, sygnal close to -70dBm. What is weird, that Ežys SIM card I am using with this router (regular, not data plan card) works well, detects network, receives/sends SMS, but only gets download speed up to 1-2 mbps and very slow ping. Antennas attached, no physical interferences. (Tested router in the same spot with data-only sim cads from Telia, which is parent operator for Ezys sub-brand, downloads were in the best case up to 5 mbps).

But if i switch router to my old, pocket size Huawei e5783b-230 (4G+) router I get amazingly better speeds of 10-30 mbps.

My network consists of 1-2 computers and 10 various devices - cell phones, iOt devices, wi-fi switches, Zigbee sensors.

Should I change something in the rut240 settings?

1 Answer

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Hi Mindaugas,

First of all, the Huawei pocket router that you used is a CAT6 LTE category which is around 300 DL and 150 UL in speed, while our RUT240 is CAT4 LTE category which is 150DL and 50UL, so that would explain half of the speed that is gone.

Second, it might be that RUT240 is connecting through the wrong bands, so you could try checking which bands are the best connecting to. This could be done through some cell tower app on your phone or just checking up with Ežys consultants what bands are best in your location.

Once you know the bands - you can go to WebUI > Network > Mobile and in the Network frequency bands section select those bands.

Lastly, you could consider buying a third-party antenna that could also increase your signal with the operator, but usually, this improves the stability part more than the bandwidth.