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I try to connect the RUT955 to AZURE by MQTT, I do make the steps from WiKi, but not connect
Hi ventasvna I experience the same issue have you got this resolved?

Hi All,

I am facing same issue with RUT955 - Azure MQTT set up. Please refer below error Messages. Anyone who has done this successfully, please help.

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Hi, Ventasvna,

Could you share a more details about your problem?
Can't you connect to Azure Hub?
Can't you post/receive messages in MQTT app?

In most case connection problems occurs because of small errors in configuration.
I advice to check:
- If MQTT port in "MQTT broker" and "Azure Hub Settings" are the same;
- If connection string that you copied from Azure Hub is correct and not missing number or letter;
- If MQTT Host port IP is correct.

- Try to update router to newest FW and try it out then.

Hope it helps.

I check all of your recommendations, for know i see some information on azure console, but not pass to any DB, is like the Json has't the correct table or i not really know how to check on azure, if there are a some small functional example, very thank you
Hello, Ventasvna,

You can find detailed instruction how to set up MQTT message forward to Azure IoT Hub in Teltonika wiki page:
I hope it will be, what you are looking for.

Best regards.

Hi sigitas everything been working great on that paper until the final section marked as: 

"Checking if Modbus Data to Server is sent to Azure IoT Hub" this section is blank on wiki.

How can we check indeed if the data is sent to Azure IoT Hub since I cannot see the data?