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I try to connect the RUT955 to AZURE by MQTT, I do make the steps from WiKi, but not connect

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Hi, Ventasvna,

Could you share a more details about your problem?
Can't you connect to Azure Hub?
Can't you post/receive messages in MQTT app?

In most case connection problems occurs because of small errors in configuration.
I advice to check:
- If MQTT port in "MQTT broker" and "Azure Hub Settings" are the same;
- If connection string that you copied from Azure Hub is correct and not missing number or letter;
- If MQTT Host port IP is correct.

- Try to update router to newest FW and try it out then.

Hope it helps.

I check all of your recommendations, for know i see some information on azure console, but not pass to any DB, is like the Json has't the correct table or i not really know how to check on azure, if there are a some small functional example, very thank you
Hello, Ventasvna,

You can find detailed instruction how to set up MQTT message forward to Azure IoT Hub in Teltonika wiki page:
I hope it will be, what you are looking for.

Best regards.