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by anonymous


My RUTX11 stopped working suddenly. Everything seems fine - but no data is coming through.

Data connection state - Disconnected

I have tried changing APN to custom APN from my provider
I have trid to do a factory reset
Downgraded firmware

Nothing sem to work...

Please help?

by anonymous

I bought thie RUTX11 yesterday - and same problem with me. First action I did wa upgrading the firmware for the latest RUTX_R_00.07.00. I have the RUT 950 in my summer house, and it also started dropping the connection recently. When I go back to that place, I will check its logs. 

I'm seeing in the event log that often when 

2021-08-10   09:26:40 DHCP Leased IP address for client

the same second

2021-08-10   09:26:40 Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)

It is not 1:1 linked with DHCP leased. Sometimes the lease was fine, but often the mobile data disconnected, which makes the device useless. 

2021-08-10 09:24:29 Leased IP address for client 

2021-08-10 09:24:29 Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)

2021-08-10 09:24:32 Mobile data connected (internal modem)

2021-08-10 09:26:40 Leased IP address for client 

2021-08-10 09:26:40 Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)

2021-08-10 09:30:36 Mobile data connected (internal modem)

2021-08-10 09:33:22  Leased IP address for client 

2021-08-10 09:33:22 Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)

2021-08-10 09:36:54 Mobile data connected (internal modem)

2021-08-10 09:37:17 Leased IP address for client 

2021-08-10 09:37:17 Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)

When the connection dropped, the general status is telling "SIM 1 (not inserted)" or "SIM 2 (not inserted)". I tried both SIM slots. Now I am testing the another telco, which in my summerhouse is dropping in the RUT 950.

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by anonymous

Hi, Thedane,

I would like to ask:

  • do you tried to check that SIM card mobile data connection in other mobile device, like mobile phone or tablet?
  • have you checked if data connection going through in same router with different SIM card?
  • do you check your ISP provided data limit?
by anonymous
Hi Sigitas,

Thanks for your answer.

Yes I have tried other SIM card and also other router (Huawai LTE Router). SIM is working in other devices and second SIM is also not working in my RUTX11.

Also I have called my Operator and they see no constraints.

I have also reset the router. Upgraded to new firmware - and problem is the same.

It connects to my Operator and connection is stable and green - but no data is coming through. Maybe authentication problem??

Please advise what to  try next?
by anonymous
Hi, Thedane,

Could you send a troubleshoot file to me in private message?
You can generate this file in "Sytem" - "Administration" - "Troubleshoot".
by anonymous
Hi Thedane,

Did you try another operator? Because I am now testing the second operator, and this is up and running. Today or tomorrow I am testing the third operator. In Cellmapper, I'm seeing the both operator are having the same tower, but different sectors, and the third operator I'm not seeing at all available from this tower. So DNA according Cellmapper is having 0, Telia is having 1, and Elisa is having 2. I'm living in the highest floor, and I can see the basestation. This city distance from the basestation is 125 meters.

With netspeed, I traced now both:

Telia D/U: 8.70 Mbps / 8.30 Mbps <- above I commented some times the connection drops every few minutes.

Elisa D/U: 50 Mbps / 44 Mbps <- this was now 2 hours up and running.

Above I'm talking about my second location. There under Cellmapper, I'm seeing the distance from my summerhouse to the basestation is 750 meters, and Telia having none sufficient basestation sectors, and Elisa is having one.

These are just the examples - I'm not saying Elisa is better than Telia. I'm saying what is the situation just under my two locations. Both operators are available thought the country. I am assuming the network dropping is linked with the operators basestation sectors. Maybe some other manufacturers are not such strict when comparing with Teltonika. Prepaid SIMs great for practical testing :).