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my issue is following: on LAN I have several devices with static IPs in subnet (DHCP server is enabled though is doesn't assign addresses). I need to connect WAN to other network with DHCP server in subnet

However on the LAN there is also device with IP address, that I cannot connect directly to the same network as WAN (I need to use PoE switch that is on LAN). Is it possible to configure RUT955 in that way that IP address would be visible from WAN?

Thank you in advance.



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Go to Network > Routing and add in Static Routes:

Interface: LAN


IPV4 Netmask:


And save.

This will allow your device on to reach WAN.


Thanks for advise, however it still doesn't work. I configured static route as shown below. But I realized that requirements are slightly different. IP address needs to see devices connected to WAN ( specifically). With this static route I am not able to ping address from LAN when having IP from subnet. Also in opposite direction I am still not able to ping from WAN (but actually this is not really needed). However I noticed that from devices on LAN that are in subnet, I am able to ping devices on WAN, also address So question is whether it is possible to achieve that also in subnet  I have attached also diagram to illustrate the situation - device IM6 needs to be connected to Commend Server


diagram of network

In this case it's not possible unless there's a router on side, which would pass the ping to remaining devices in the network. This would be similar to the case when you're trying to ping devices behind the ISP.