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I have some problems with my mobile IPv6 connection. 

I have a RUTX09 with firmware version RUTX_R_00.07.00. 

When I go to network > interfaces the MOB1S1A1 interface shows at status that it is running and I see a IPv6 address. But when I go to status > overview the modem says "data connection disconnected". At the MOB1S1A1 I don´t see a IP adress either. 

My LAN-Clients don´t have internet-access but when I log into the router via SSH I can ping goole.com.

root@Teltonika-RUTX09:~# ping6 google.com

PING google.com (2a00:1450:4016:809::200e): 56 data bytes

64 bytes from 2a00:1450:4016:809::200e: seq=0 ttl=115 time=42.479 ms

64 bytes from 2a00:1450:4016:809::200e: seq=1 ttl=115 time=38.768 ms

64 bytes from 2a00:1450:4016:809::200e: seq=2 ttl=115 time=55.187 ms

My goal is actually to configure an OpenVPN Server which can be accessed over the mobile IPv6 address. This doesn´t work right now. Maybe the problem is something with my mobile connection?

Thank you for any help 

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After a little while I found some answers and thought I will share them here:

1. The mobile IPv6 Connection seems to work nevertheless the Status > Overview Interface don´t show the correct Information.

2. My Lan Clients have internet-access via IPv6. But DHCPv6 don´t work (or I have not configured it correctly?). So when I assign a static IPv6 address to my windows-lan-client it has an internetconnection.

3. I managed to configure a OpenVPN Server to which clients can connect via the mobile IPv6 address. Moreover the VPN-Clients have Access to the local IPv4 network of the Teltonika-Router. I achieved this by setting up sime custome firewall-rules (ip6tables) and activating IPv4-forwarding on the Teltonika Router.  Furthermore it is required to activate NAT. This configuration works not absolutly correct so far, but I think the problem is something with one or two settings in VPN-Server or IP-forwarding.

I still have some problems with the IPv6 connectivity. I will open a new question for this matter.
Hello, Could i ask how your settings are?

do you set APN to costum and selected a Authentication Type?

At the Status overview site i can see that the sim is ready but disconnected.

If i try a speed test, to test the connection, it only says "not possible without a internet connection".