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I have been setting up remote connections in RMS without a problem with multiple of our systems, but I have three (3) of them showing not activated, even after I unregisteded the devices and registered them again. The only difference between the ones that have no issues with and these three that can not be activated is that they are shown with model RUT in the device list, whilst the rest of the devices are shown as RUTX08. When I unregistered and registered them again the model did not change.  I am sure the actual model is RUTX08, so I dont know why it still picks RUT as the model and wther or not this could be causing the problem.

Can someone advise if we need to do anything else?

Thank you!

Marco R

1 Answer

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Did you enable all the services next to the devices in the Management page? It looks like you either don't have the credits - or you didn't enable the service that uses credits for your device.