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There seems to be a number of posts covering the fact that NTRIP is missing from the latest firmware GUI, however I have yet to see any official confirmation of if and when this will be resolved.

I have tested multiple firmware versions from onwards and none of them present the NTRIP option in the GUI.

We have a number of customers complaining about this and I would very much like to give them something definitive from Teltonika.

Kindly confirm when the issue will be resolved and/or provide confirmation of which firmware release actually provides this functionality.
I am sill waiting for a response.

Please note that we have a number of customers facing this issue.

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NTRIP issue was reported and, at the moment, is taken care of by RnD department.

For now, I'm just confirming that the issue was seen and once it gets a testing firmware - I will let you know.

Thanks for your response, however you have not answered my question. In fact this is the same response that has been provided to multiple forum questions regarding this subject spanning back to 2019.

It is quite clear that your development teams are either ignoring the issue and/or are unable to fix it. Quite frankly this points to a clear failure in your test and release process.

Kindly confirm which firmware release is known to have a working NTRIP option. I have tried many without success.
I am still waiting for a reponse, which has been 19 days now.