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I have create an Openvpn Hub from Teltonica RMS and added 2 clients

1. A rut240

2. A windows client

I have downloaded the configuration to the windows client and imported to openvpn client. The vpn hub is up and running and both clients are connected. I can access the rut240 web interface through the vpn by opening the vpn assigned ip address

Internet traffic is not routed through the vpn.

If i add redirect-gateway def1 to the openvpn config, i can still access the rut240 interface but i loose internet access.

What else do i need to configure to be able to successfully route internet traffic through the vpn?

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RMS VPN currently does not allow to route all internet traffic through the VPN.

Does that mean i can route SOME internet traffic through the vpn? All i want to do is access a specific domain (http) using the other gateway. Is that possible?