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We are fiddling with a RUT240 modem and the maximum characters we can send via the HTTP gateway. We need to know that to split the text, just in case gets really long. The problem is that we are seeing inconsistent results so:
- Plain asci text (aaaaaaaaaaaaa) can send up to 470 characters (aprox. The router splits the text perfectly into multiple SMS)

- Special characters (áááááá) need encodeURIComponent, and the limits seem different.
- Some special characters are 3 bytes long (卡 =>%E5%8D%A6) so we don't know if we have to account for those 3 bytes, the 9 bytes the raw encoded string is or just 1 byte.

Is there any way to get the limit information so we don't waste money by testing? Thank you!

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Single text messages are limited to 160 characters, including spaces.  Using Unicode, restricts messages to a maximum of 70 characters per SMS.