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Hi Teltonika team

Thanks for launching recently new video for VPN hub. You are using camera as a device for vpn to access. But, can I use other computer instead of camera ? Can I ping other device in main computer in command prompt.??

How we can change Subnet mask in OpenVpn hub?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Yes, it works just like any VPN and the camera is not the only thing that you can access through the tunnel.

To change the subnet of the server - go to Hub configuration tab and there you will be able to change Server IP and the subnet.

Hi Teltonika Team,

I just installed VPN hub, added client, device, pushed routes, created open vpn config etc just as explained in the video. I have established connection with my pc and VPN hub. However I can not ping or reach the devices on the RUT 950 LAN. What could be the problem? I've tried in windows setup and mac setup... same result.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions

kind regards
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Thank you so much for sharing it. It was really helpful for me and many others to solve this kind of problem without any tension. Keep posting such content for helping people.