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I have a rut955 with firmware 7.0. After three days off trying it still is not connecting to my home wifi network. Almost after every change off parameters in the wireless section it loses the connection and you have to log in  again. You have to use a wired connection because the Wifi ssid disapears so you cannot connect to the modem. Then also I had to reset to factory settings very often because after half an hour or more the modem still did not respond.

 I have followed fhe instructions which are on You Tube (changed IP range, made entry new ssid to client mode) but it doesnot work. Even though in the wireless screen it says "running" no device can connect to the internet. 

This way the modem is not useabille. I need a stable connection through Wifi. (Clientmode). Please publish an instruction how to achieve this with this new firmware from factory reset to working interface!

by anonymous
I had the same issue as discribed by guenter and Borgeld and went back to version 6 as well. But I have some other issues with the my RUT955 and hope they get fixed with version 7. So is there already a solution for the problem?

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by anonymous
My solution now is to go back to version 6, this is working.
by anonymous
After some time version 07.00 is running:

I think, at least I needed the Package Download: WiFi Scanner

and in the -> Network  -> Wireless section -> Global Settings I changed the default Country Code from "US" to my country, which has 2 channels more in the 2.4GHz-band. An the channel to "Auto".

Some clients are working this way, others with low power do not properly work.

And still no proper way to connect to Captive Portals, changed MAC (or DNS (not found)) but nothing.

Mainly, it is now done in the 'Wireless'-section, instead of the former WAN-section.

But  in the Interface-section are some main definitions of the 'client'-mode, which I do not understand properly: wan or wwan or ?!?