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Dear Forum,

We are attempting to setup a pfsense firewall behind a TRB140

After reading: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/TRB140_WAN: Mode NAT | Bridge | Passthrough; default: NAT

Question: How can you get back to the TRB140 if you want to say, change the PIN code. Which IP, which Interface?

Question 2: How can you shutdown a TRB140 as I only saw reboot.



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1. You would have to set your IP to static and only then you would be able to reach TRB140 in the subnet. As you're getting the operator provided IP through Bridge mode - automatically it's impossible to reach

2. You cannot shutdown the TRB140 as it powers immediately from the power supply. To shut it down you would need some kind of controller in between the power source and the device itself.

I was using TRB140 in the Bridge mode and was able to reach it without any problem. TRB's IP is by default and as I do not use 192.168.2.x the request was sent to WAN and  there TRB was. It is even possible to have a VPN router A (behind TRB) - router B (somewhere) and to reach TRB from LAN hosted by router B if 192.168.2.x is on router B routed to this VPN. The request comes via the VPN tunel to the router A and it sends the request through WAN to TRB. Using this construction I was able to manage TRB from home