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by anonymous

I have been battling with anomalous behavior at many of our sites that have fiber installed. We use a NTU(router) supplied by the telco.

When the fiber internet is up and working and the RUT950 is rebooted, everything works fine. If the fiber internet goes down, it will switch to GPRS as per design, if the fiber internet comes back, it will switch back.

All good.

If the RUT-950 has no fiver router connected to the WAN port, it goes directly to GPRS and it all works.

But the following does not work:

If the fiber internet is down but the router is connected tot eh WAN port, that is, the WAN interface is physically up, then the router never switches to GPRS. Its stays continually on the dead WAN link. We are running FW version: RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3.

Is there a work around for this issue?

This is a SERIOUS problem for us.

If internet then returns so that can be pinged, through the WAN interface, strongswan requires a manual restart to bring up the tunnels.

Obviously for remote sites this type of performance is not acceptable.

The router is being confused by the terminated WAN interface and never switches to GPRS.

Please advise on how we can do a work around for this.



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by anonymous
Ok, weird as this may sound.....

If I set the GPRS link to PPP rather than QMI, this issue does not occur.

Does that even make sense?