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FW 00.07.00

The following description is based on the picture.

All rules are switched off by using switch (1) in the headline.

I opened the rule "Reboot" for editing (2). I did not save anything but terminated the dialog with the cross in the upper right corner.

After that all switches are set to "on" state - really all (3)!

Excuse my comment: the 00.07.00 is a rather immature release.



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Thank you for the information and detail explanation. Yes it seems that rules are re-enabled once you go back to main configuration window. Thus, I am forwarding this ticket to our RnD department to work on the fix.

Got information from RnD. So when you disable all rules, you need to save the settings, because when you click on edit button, it opens a new window thus the previous window's settings which was not saved are returned to previous configuration.

So simply, disable rules, then Save & Apply, and then you can proceed with your configuration.

Best regards,