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I reset router RUT850 (via button on router "reset" push more than 5 sec) and when I try reconnect to default wifi to my router I can not insert default password "admin01" Is necessary to put at least 8 characters into password.

Please, could you help me, how could I connect to my router after reset?

Thank you, Jiri
I have upgraded to January 2022 firmware (RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.6_WEBUI) and it continues to have a serious issue where after restoring to a snapshot I made from factory default does not restore the default password. I have no idea what password it expects but it is not admin01. both ssh and webUI are prompting me for a password, so the OS is basically alive but it's not clear to me what password it's looking for. Do you have other ideas for baked in passwords I can try? It seems like you have a subtle bug lurking here and it's causing me quite a bit of pain.

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Our Teltonika routers WiFi password does not set to admin01 after factory reset. admin01 is the default password for the router WebUI. You should find your default WiFi password on the bottom of your router case.

I am having similar issue. I believe person who wrote this initial post meant to mention the default webui admin password of "admin01" does not work after reset. I am unable to login to webui with admin\admin01 after reset. Is there any solution to this?

Have you tried using old password?