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Dear Teltonika Team. I have setup the ZeroTier VPN and successfully access to TRB 142 webUI remotely via VPN.

I follow but not able to get access to ( LAN via MicroUSB to USB connection to my PC).

Can you help me setting the access to network behind ZeroTier ( device connected to TRB 142 LAN port) or TRB RS232 port?


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For the scenario, it would be best if you are able to share the details about the devices connected and what services are you trying to reach. 
By default, you can reach the device in the RS232 port when it is running a service let say it is running with Modbus or other protocols that run in TCP/IP. You can read more information about this at this link: TRB142 RS232 - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

For the ZeroTier issue, you are having you cannot reach the PC connected to it unless you do routing in the ZeroTier-One platform