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We have problems in some rtu950 sometimes after the reboot does not start the services correctly despite being able to ping the public ip of the 4g card ( I do not have access to the router via https and the equipment that is connected to the router in this case an Acess point does not establish communication.

We have periodic reboot enabled at 03:00 Am all days

FW version RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5

In this case i lost comunication with Ap in 2021-08-23 and recover in 2021-08-25

582|2021-08-22 03:01:51|Mobile Data|Mobile data connected, IP: P OPTIMUS
583|2021-08-23 03:00:08|Mobile Data|Mobile data disconnected
584|2021-08-23 03:00:58|Network Type|Joined 3G WCDMA
585|2021-08-23 03:00:59|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
586|2021-08-24 03:00:54|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
587|2021-08-24 03:01:03|Network Type|Joined 3G WCDMA
588|2021-08-24 03:01:06|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
589|2021-08-25 03:00:53|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
590|2021-08-25 03:01:02|Network Type|Joined 3G WCDMA
591|2021-08-25 03:01:05|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
592|2021-08-25 03:02:55|Mobile Data|Mobile data connected, IP: P OPTIMUS

It´s strange i have comunication with router by ICMP but it doesn't seem to start the connection to the mobile operator correctly, can help with this?


Carlos Vieira

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Thank you for mentioning your firmware version. I would like to recommend you to upgrade your firmware version to the RUT9_R_00.06.08.3 if you are willing to try our brand new look firmware RUT9_R_00.07.00. Please inform me if the issues reproduce after firmware. With each release our RnD team includes a lot of quality updates and fixes, so we would like to analyze issues only on the latest releases.