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FIRMWARE RUT9_R_00.07.00

yesterday i rebooted the device from rms and it now no longer reports to the console (rms).

Successfully rebooted device. Reboot 2021-08-31 18:03:26

to test connectivity i sent a 'status' sms to sim 2 and it reports back successfully however the data connection state is 'disconnected' (the signal strength is -52dbm fdd lte). i sent an sms 'switchsim' to sim 2. the command was executed successfully. a 'status' sms to sim 1 also reports the data connection state as 'disconnected' (the signal strength is -76dbm fdd lte). the sim's are on 2 seperate carriers (vodafone & 3).

 can you confirm that all is good with rms on your side please? if all good can you assist any further as i do not have access to the physical location at this time.

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Could you try to send other SMS messages such as rms_off and rms_on. It should restart RMS service on your router side. Wait few minutes and let me know about the results.




i sent a 'reboot' sms to the device before i read your comment.

the device is now reporting, so a classic turn it off and on again laugh

sorry to have bothered you. lessons learnt, i will note the 'rms_off' and 'rms_on' commands though. cool

thanks again. yes