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I set up the RUTX11 with FW 7.0 to use a public wifi on 2G.

monitoring the wifi settings I see the percentage value mostly 0% on the public wifi, after 90secs it shortly toggles to 57% or so, then after 1sec it is back to 0%.

Did all the usual support tricks, rebooted, re-installed FW using first boot, ..

Nothing did the trick..

Any tips and hints?

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If I do understand correctly, RUTX11 does work in station mode at this moment. Have you tried to connect it to other WiFi sources (for example, mobile phone hotspot)? Usually, public wifi is not a trusted source and goes down very often.

did setup a personal hotspot on iphone, which stays permanently between 90% an 95% due to the proximity to the RUTX11 ;-)

it does not toggle.

The truth is the public hotspot is my home router and it does not move nor have many connections or limited IPs to hand out.

Is there a documentation on how to set up a external wifi to work with the RUTX11 and also do the load balancing trick between mobil SIM 1 and wifi?

With all my knowledge I was not able to set it up to work accordingly. Say 5 packets to wifi, 1 to mobile, 5 to wifi, 1 to mobile,...

Also found that the realtime traffic does not update its available network interfaces. E.g. do not have the newly set up iphone there
Hej Vykintas,

also some of the menu pages show me that all my Wifi setting work as station, despite the fact that some are configured to be clients and do the forwarding.

Which they actually don't.

Wondering if the 2G wifi is working as a client, if it still can work as AP, or if the 5G then does the forwarding and bridging.

I sincerely apologize for the late reply. Could you attach a screenshot of said issue?