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Hello, i must configure 7 RUT955 Router in a very Special way with VPN`s Dual Sim with fallback, Dyndns and many PPTP`s, etc... . Is it possible, in any way, to configure one of them and paste the configuration to the others ?

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Yes, it is possible. Configure one router and download the Backup file from the System -> Administration -> Backup page.

You can then upload this file to your other routers (via the same page). Just make sure the routers use the same firmware version.

Hello, thanks for your answer, but it doesn't work for me.

My Master RUT955 has firmware 05.00.3 with Kernel 3.18.44 and Bootloader 3.0.1   I download the backup Archive. Its a tar.gz file with 72 KB

If i start an restore from backup on the other RUT955 he told me "Incompatible backup file,please chose another"  The firmware, kernel and bootloader is identical to the master RUT955.

Please Help, many thanks Frank
Hi Frank,

Do all of these routers got the same product code ? For example RUT955H*****