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VPN hub in RMS seems to be a great service with easy setup and quick connection, but I can't reach any devices behind my router.
What am I missing???

I have a RUT955 with the latest firmware and RMS enabled in services.
RMS works fine.
Setup VPN hub and, called it Test, followed the steps as shown in the youtube video.
One note; the VPN hub creates a server IP while my RUT955 is on
Added the RMS user, added the RUT955, put lan forwarding on, added routes (i.e. for a Dahua camera)
Downloaded the OVPN file and added it to the OpenVPN app on my iphone.
Connection is made very fast and IP adres is provided
Tried connection to with no luck. Neither with any of the other IP addresses behind the RUT955

Created a 2nd VPN hub but now changed the configuration to server IP adres
Iphone now gets as IP address but stil can't reach any of the devices in the same network behind the RUT955


- is it necesary at all to change the configuration and set the IP address of the VPN hub server to the same range as the RUT955?

- why can't I connect to any of the IP addressed behind the RUT955 (they can be reached with the same iphone when its part of the LAN)

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