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I upgraded one of our RUT950 today from 06.07.7 to 06.08.3; the reason for this is that 06.08.xx firmware should have the option to configure the sysServices value that can be reported through SNMP and our network management software has best support for devices that return a sensible value here.

However, after the upgrade, my RUT950 router doesn't respond to SNMP anymore. I don't see the option to configure it either. Looking at the package manager, it gave some error about failing to install (yes, I should have made a screenshot). Removed the package in order to reinstall; now the interface says that the SNMP package is "Available", but the Actions button shows "Not enough disk space!". Apparently the SNMP package is 1377 KB; Package Manager shows "Memory usage: 1100 KB / 2624 KB (Free/Total)".

How can I get SNMP working again on this firmware? Is there a way to free up space or can the package size be reduced somehow?

I managed to resolve this after a lot of trial and error.

There was insufficient space because there was a "User's Default Configuration" present (System -> Administration, Backup tab). After removing the backup and rebooting, there was enough free space to install the SNMP package. After the SNMP package was installed, it appears to take up a lot less space than the Package Manager indicates. There's enough room to create a new "User's Default Configuration" again.

Now I have SNMP working again, but I still don't see the option to configure sysServices through the interface. Also, when configuring sysServices directly through uci, there's still a bug in /etc/init.d/snmpd that causes the entry to be written incorrectly to /var/run/snmpd.conf.

So a year and a half after reporting the underlying bug (on 06.05.3 and 06.06.1), and upgrading to 06.07.xx and 06.08.xx versions, it's still not really fixed and I'm left with manually editing files on the router.

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Do your router has more packages installed? If yes, you could delete some of them. Another suggestion would be to try factory reset your device and try to install the package again.

Thanks for the quick reply! I haven't installed any other packages, or at least I can't remember doing so; in the Package Manager, I see 15 results and all of them have the status "Available", ie none of those are installed.

Using 'opkg' on the CLI, I do see a lot of packages of course, including ones that I don't think are needed for the features that I'm using. However, I don't know if I can delete any of them and if that would indeed free up space.

Doing a factory reset is not an option, I'm afraid - the router is out in the field for a research project, so I can't easily reset and reconfigure it.
There is another option then: upgrade to RUT9_R_00.07.00 firmware, but it is a risky option too. Few customers reported a loss of connection and required to configure manually after upgrade.
Upgrading to 07.00 is indeed too risky: major version number increase, first release, initial patch level. Way too immature to load on a production router that can't be easily reached when something unexpected happens.

It looks like the majority of the space used on the router is in the /overlay/upper/etc/default-config/config.tar.gz file: 787KB. There's a lot of default config for freeradius and strongswan, and eg freeradius config files themselves in etc directory are tens of kilobytes larger than they need to be, because there's a huge amount of comment lines in them.

I'll see if I can make some more space there, maybe by cleaning up some of the default config stuff.