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So basically I want to setup as I had on my Draytek router, an additional wifi interface that is always using a dedicated VPN connection

and that VPN client is only used for this WIFI-connection connected clients,
If the VPN is down the clients (on this wifi SSID) should not get internet connectivity.

on Draytek the VPN connections is basically added as a addtional WAN interface - and you can assign that to - in it's turn to a specific LAN Interface (as a outgoing interface), I don't find a similar thing going on here...


I tried to use guide here https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/OpenVPN_traffic_split

but get stuck with error on

opkg update

Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/tlt_packages
Signature check passed.
Collected errors:
, wget returned 8.
managed to get thru the guide, without errors eventually, only problem i have now is that I dont get any IP assigned on the wifi interface...

DHCP is activated. - but when looking at interfaces - this interface (vpn) - does not have a MAC address... it looks like a WAN interface that is "kind of is" also... iam puzzled - something is missing somewhere...

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We have a new configuration example for RUTX12 on the Teltonika wiki. This should help you:



I don't find it covering my need, sorry - what I want is

1. either a live VPN connection using failover (the currently connected online WAN interface) OR (if not possible) designate one WAN interface for the VPN connection (ie. secondary modem is always used for Nord VPN)

2. I want to control what LAN and/or WIFI interface(s) that should (be enforced to) use this VPN connection, If VPN is down they should not have "internet" access OR (if not possible) control what source IP's should be enforced to use the VPN connection.

3. the other unspecified LAN's/WIFI clients/interfaces should connect directly to the active WAN and NEVER use the VPN.(prefrably with failover and/or loadbalancing)