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Hi Everyone,

This my first exposure to Teltonika gear and we're using an RUT950 with a single 4G SIM to access the internet. The firmware version is RUT9_R_00.07.00. My question is really to confirm that this is the correct method to allow users and devices on the LAN to access the internet through the RUT950.

When I first setup the device I could see that the 4G SIM was connected to the provider but none of the LAN devices could surf the internet even though they were on the same subnet and using the RUT950 as the Gateway and DNS. Going the the Web GUI on (the RUT950 IP) to find the settings to allow the changes I did the following:

1. Network > Port Forwards > Enabled Redirect_DNS
2. Network > Interfaces > LAN IPv4 Set Gateway and DNS Servers to and

The devices can now surf and all seems to be working. So essentially, my question relates to the general consensus of the what are the best settings to do the above. Is the setup OK or can it be done better?



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I have exactly the same problem.

bought a new 950, upgraded it to the latest version. If I connect wirelessly to it, I get an IP address and can surf.

If I connect via a LAN port, I do not get an IP address, even if I enter a fixed IP address, I can not surf.

(I have reset it several times)

Unfortunately, I can not find the settings you mention in 1.

The ones that are under 2, I can add but then the wireless network stops working.
Once I made the settings for the device as I outlined, I can surf. My question was is this the recommended method of doing this.

I'm not sure why DHCP is not working for you via a LAN port. It doesn't make sense the the DHCP server is only serving DHCP requests via the wireless. I think that's a totally different issue.

Thank you for contacting.

Its recommended to downgrade your device to 6.08.3 because there are some things needs to be fixed in 7.00 . Fixes will be made in the next release.