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I want to connect a computer with a dataTaker over two Rut240's. The computer is connectet via LAN to the first Rut240 and placed in an office, while the dataTaker with the second Rut240 (also connected via LAN) is located in a measuring station. 

The two Rut240's both have Internet with a SIM-Card and the firmware version I'm new to that networking-stuff but alredy tried most VPN-options. It seems i cant get around a static IP or the dynamic DNS service. Is this correct or did i overlooked something?

Which VPN-Service is the best for my Problem? And do i need a static IP? 

If the project succeeds, we want to expand the measuring-grid and the Rut240 network.

I am gratful for any help, kind regards


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Static Public IP is required for most VPN setups, or at least Public Dynamic IP (with the help of DDNS). In your case, I would like to suggest to try using the Zerotier service (it will not require you to have anything, only an internet connection). More about it: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/ZeroTier_Configuration


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