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Hi all

I have a RUT950 and a RUT240 in a small two-site installation, where the RUT950 is working as an OpenVPN server in TAP (bridged) mode and the RUT240 is a VPN client. There's some multicast going on between these sites, hence the TAP mode. In addition to this bridge VPN I'd like to have a separate VPN tunnel for remote administration and programming. I've enabled an L2TP server on the RUT950 as well, and this is where it gets a bit odd: the L2TP client (au Ubuntu laptop) can access everything on the remote sites except for the RUT240. Devices that are connected to the RUT240 are accesible, but not the RUT240 itself. I can't open the web interface and it doesn't respond to ping. Why is this?

This isn't a huge problem, in this case the clients behind the RUT240 are more important to reach than the RUT itself, but still, it would be convenient to be able to access the web interface remotely.

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I apologize for the late reply. Would you mind sharing your configuration details? I will try to reproduce the issue with exact same settings.

Best regards.
Hi, sorry about the slow reply. This project was on hold for a while, but the RUTs are now deployed on site. I have the backup .tar.gz archives from before they were deployed, would this be sufficient to try to reproduce the issue? I can access the 950 remotely to retrieve additional configuration details, but the 240 is inaccessible.

For security reasons I can't share these files publicly, but I can email a secure download link.