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After a periodic (daily) reboot some of our customers' RUT955 routers are not able to reconnect to VPN or RMS, due to "cannot resolve host address" errors. The mobile connection seems to be up though. I am not sure, if this is only a DNS issue or if there is a underlying routing issue though.

When turning the modem off and on again, i.e. sending mobileoff + mobileon via SMS to the routers, the connection does work again - most of the time. Affected firmwares vary, most of them in the 06.07 range.

We already tried a lot of workarounds, like setting manual DNS servers, ping reboot (which already caused some serious downtimes), etc., and are at a point where we cannot recommend these routers to our customers anymore.

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We are really sad to hear that you must face such issues. Could you try to upgrade your routers to RUT9XX_R_00.08.3 or RUT9_R_00.07.00 firmware version first? Then please set manual DNS and APN settings, please.

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Thanks for your quick reply. I updated one of the routers (the one, which is most "reliably" not able to reconnect after the daily reboot) to 06.08.3 (as we will most likely not use 07.00 any time soon in a productive environment.), and will monitor the situation. I will keep you updated.

Best regards
I will eagerly wait for the results. Personally, I am using the 7.0 version on all my routers and the RMS connection seems reliable.
After two weeks this still is looking good with the 06.08.3 firmware, so this should be resolved.

Thanks for your support!

Thank you for informing us about the results.

Have a great day and best of luck with future projects.