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Can‘t connect to a public open Wifi. There is no password to login, only a checkbox on a website that will come up. A checkbox to accept the rules from provider. I Van connect but dont get a website with the checkbox.

I have the same situation with a RUT240 in a camper. Tried everything from cloning the MAC-Addresses from my laptop to changing all the settings in the RUT. No luck so far and really looking forward to a working solution.

Sorry for not being able to help at this stage.

This is called a 'Captive Portal', not depending on password request or not. There are some ways to try to connect to, but mostly, they are not working. The main circumvention is, to log on with a 'simple' device, where the MAC-Adresse has been changed to the MAC Address of the Router. After log on, you might have access with the router... if it was only the MAC-Address, the Captive Portal is checking.

Others are playing around with the DNS-IP's. But overall, the RUT955 is not designed and programmed to solve this problem. This is my understanding ...

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On your RUT955 are two Wireless Configurations (Network > Wireless). If they are using the same IP-Subnet, you cann't connect to a public WiFi with your device trough the RUT955. Change the DHCP settings/IP adress on your RUT (Network > LAN) to eg.

Does this work?

This is sadly not the described problem. The connection to the public wifi is possible and the is no IP-address conflict. The issue is that if I connect with my laptop to this public Wifi, I automatically get redirected to a landing page on which I need to check the box to agree to the rules, only after this, the laptop receives connection to the internet. How can this be done for the RUT240 or RUT955? I think a browser plugin might be required.

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Are you using a failover connection (mobile or ethernet)? If so, please switch it of and reboot the RUT.

I'am travelling. On campsites I have to do this procedure often. Most of the time without an issue. I connect to the wifi and switch off the mobile failover connection in the teltonika wifi android app. After I get redirected to the captive portal login.

But once I had to connect to the public wifi with my mobile device, check the devices ip address and remember it. Then connect to the RUT again and connect the RUT to the public wifi. Set the ip on your mobil device manually to the same you got directly from the public wifis dhcp server. [I'm not sure if I also had to configure an standard gateway (the RUTs ip)]