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Unless I'm mistaken - there is no way to tell from the LEDs which SIM card is active / being used?

Any suggestions of how to show this to a user which logging in to a webui?  and hence have access to settings? and its a pain to do as often only device available will be a mobile phone / unit is in a waterproof box outside on events.

Hopefully someone will come up with something magical.


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On router WebUI login page at the moment there is no way to show, which SIM card is active. But if user has an access to router settings in Overview window mobile information widget.
However, you can check which SIM card in use via Teltonika RMS (rms.teltonika.lt) or use SNMP, Modbus TCP protocols.
Thanks Tomas - will read up on the SNMP / Modbus TCP - wondering if something I can get our android app to poll the device to get an answer.