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I'm testing a Teltonika RUTXR1 for autofailover between the wiredwan and the mobile circuit (using l2tp).

The wired connecting is using BGP to connect to our core and is pulling a default route. The thought is if the wired connection drops or is not getting a response that the default route get's removed as BGP has dropped and the Teltonoka will use the backup route (with a higher metric) out of the mobile (l2tp) circuit.

However even if I make the WAN unresponsive the route will not get removed from the routing table? It appears as long as the WAN has a configuration that it generates a default route out of that interface whether it's working or not.

I've also tried enabling failover in services to ping out of the WAN, thinking if it doesn't get a response out of that then surely it will remove it's default route. It doesn't. It marks it as 'offline' in the Failover section but when I check the routing table the default route is still there.

Is this a bug in the GUI or is it simply not possible? It seems crazy that you are forced to have a default route when you setup the WAN interface?


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Did you tried to use "Flash connection on". You can find this parameter on the Web Ui Network > Failover > Wired WAN (edit) > Interface Configuration page. It flushes established connections after the selected scenario occurs to renew the priorities of configured interfaces. You may refer to this link for more information: