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When using Mobile in Germany with Telekom I need to edit the APN manually, because of the well known wrong config in the FW.

Hope you will fix this soon.

-------> But what happens if I travel trough Europe and enter a roaming data network. Do I have to change the APN to the roaming network or change the APN to "auto"?

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APN configuration is not wrong if it is set to Auto APN. The issue could be that your network provider APN is not included in our APN database.

Regarding your second question, I would suggest to try keeping manual APN, if you do face any issues while roaming, please switch to Auto APN.

Would be great if you would add all the relevant APNs on a regular base. This seems to be not the only provider that you have to update.

And by the way: German Telekom is no small and unknown provider