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Our setup in the field: we use TRB245 with OpenVPN to give connectivity to different sensors (both on Ethernet and Serial).

  • We have 4 TRB245 with TRB2_R_00.02.06.1. They work perfectly.
  • We have 1 TRB245 with TRB2_R_00.07.00. We cannot get the OpenVPN to work. We can connect to the TRB245 remotely, but we cannot connect to any of the devices connected to it via port forwarding (3 devices via Ethernet) – it looks like the port forwarding is broke, or the firewall is blocking something (but the settings are exactly the same as the other 4 units)

We confirm that when connected locally via LAN we can see all the devices with their IP and MAC-addresses from the Teltonika, but we are unable to establish the OpenVPN tunnels with any of these sensors.

If we go to Status -> Routes we can see the OpenVPN tunnels.

  • on the 4 units that work correctly we see "NETWORK: tun0 - TARGET: - IPV4-GATEWAY:" (this is the gateway for our OpenVPN)
  • on the 1 unit that is not working we cannot see this

Are there any known problems with the OopenVPN using the TRB2_R_00.07.00 firmware version?  We are more than happy to downgrade to the other older version if this is possible (and if it deals with the issue).


I am also facing same issue, If you found any helpful guide please let me know. Thanks

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Could you share your configuration screenshots right there (blur out any sensitive information such as IP addresses). Also, a working example would be useful too for references.


Thanks for the quick response. It took a while to get screenshots from the unit that was out with the client. Meanwhile they managed to downgrade the unit from TRB2_R_00.07.00. to TRB2_R_00.02.06.1

With this downgrade we can now see the image from a connected camera, we still want to check it with more devices, but our preliminary conclusion is that the OpenVPN of connected devices does not work with TRB2_R_00.07.00. Of course, for future upgrades it is important for us to have these things under control.

(BTW: I can forward the screenshots if needed, I have 12 of them, but it would be faster if I could just email them to tech support)

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In our case, for now, downgrading to TRB2_R_00.02.06.1 seems to have dealt with the problem. We did not change anything in the configuration (some parameters had to be re-introduced), we simply downgraded and it started to work.