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Good evening all.

I have a RUT950 in my Caravan. It has 4G SIM and the LTE is no problem.

I want to connect to a campsite WiFI system but they only allow one user device to connect.  When you select the Camp WiFI on your tablet or phone it directs you to a landing page where you enter a username and password (That you get by subscribing).

I subscribe but I want to connect the RUT950 so I can share the WiFi connection with all of my PMDs in the caravan.

Really appreciate your advise.

That problem is very old. Just search for "captive portal" and you will find an official answer, that it is not working at all with RUT9xx-devices. But because of different technics used some users had success by manipulating DNS-IP oder MAC-Address. I tried these 'inoffical' ways and had no luck.
I have done this many times with my RUT955 (Firmware Version on different campsites. Most of the time I didn't had any problems. I connected the router to the campsite wifi and the captive portal login website poped up on my mobile device.

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Unfortunately, I can confirm that at this moment you cannot connect a router to a WiFi source with the captive portal as there is no configuration window to enter additional details such as landing page username and password. I will consult with our developers about the possible implementation of this feature.


...possible implementation of this feature...

I would very much welcome this. And in my country are a lot more people wishing that feature.