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by anonymous
Good morning,

I need to remotely a Siemens PLC.

I think RMS VPN is the perfect solution for my business.

I have installed in the factory a RUT240.

The lan port is connected to Siemens PLC.

The Wan port recive internet connection using DHCP.

RUT lan port has this ip:

Simens lan port this ip:

After watching your webinair about RMS VPN i create the hub and my openvpn configuration file.

All it is ok, but when i have to create route i have some problem; autoscan doesn't find PLC. It finds i thing it is google DNS server).

I tried putting manually the IP and subnet mask but the ping doen't run.

Is the problem on server ip on VPN HUB: i left /24.

have i to change it with something similar to my lan ip? (ex 20.30.xx.xx)

Can you help me? Where i am wrong?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

If I do understand correctly, RUT is connected to Siemens PLC via LAN to WAN connection (RUT - LAN port, PLC - WAN port)? Does the PLC have a default gateway value set to RUT LAN IP? Can you ping PLC from RUT CLI/SSH?

Best answer
by anonymous

Now i put in plc this gateway:; the same ip of the RUT240.

Yes i can ping from CLI.

I connect PLC on lan port of the RUT240.

Where is my fault?
by anonymous
Could you tell me your company ID and VPN Hub in the RMS? If you allow, I will try to log in to your VPN hub to investigate.