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I am trying to find out, how to minimize AVL data messages to one per hour and even one per day with at best only one AVL data set, as it can be done with simple GPS trackers:

In my understanding, the send period is the time between AVL messages and 

the collect period is the time of data collection in the RUT.

But with 

collect period 3600   min saved records 1   send period 120       
I receive a data message every one hour


collect period 120  min saved records 1   send period 3600
I receive a data message every 2 minutes

I have defined only the MAIN RULE, nothing else.

Or in other words: The AVL data is send nearly every collect period time definition.
I have my own traccar server, so I am able to check incoming AVL data from RUT955.

Quite confusing or am I missing something?

Thank You!

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I would like to clarify few things:

Collect period - How often data will be collected (in seconds)

Send period - How often gathered date is sent (in seconds)

I suppose that was the biggest misconception in your configuration and you have set value to 3600 seconds instead of minutes.



Sorry, have you really read what I was writing?

This is the official description:  Send period - How often gathered date is sent (in seconds) I know that, but:

In reallity, it is send coressponding to the Collect period  time setting!

If I define 3600 sec in the Collect period   it is send every 3600 sec = 60min = 1hour no matter what is definded in Send period

If I define 120 sec in the Collect period  it is send every 120 sec = 2min, no matter what is defined in Send period

 Please, where is my misconception? 


I sincerely apologize for the misinterpretation. Now I fully understood what you wanted to tell us. Could you send a troubleshoot file from your router via a private message? You can download it from System > Administration > Troubleshoot. Download it immediately after testing AVL sending.