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by anonymous
Hy all

I've got a TRB140 and made the setup like this:

The IP-Adress will be uploaded, but i can't access on the router. Any ideas for my problem?

Kind regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you share your configuration screenshots? Also, have you enabled remote access in Services > Administration?

by anonymous


thanks for your reply!

Here is the DYNDNS Configuration:

Yes the webservices are allowed, but i want to connect a Webstation of another client over the TRB140, so i have configured a Portforwarding in the Firewall Roules. Thats all ive changed, but it dont works yet.

The Ping in the CLI for the other Device works fine, so i think its a problem between the DYNDNS and the TRB140.

by anonymous

Could you check your Dyndns service provider page? Does it retrieve router IP?
by anonymous

Yes the IP are both the same, the IP Update works fine.

There is to say i have a public IP, so maybe there is the problem because i use 4G.

Maybe i have to test id with a static IP?
by anonymous
Could you remove all port forward rules and try to test with static IP to reach only TRB WebUI?
by anonymous
on this setup, with the public IP, it don't works.

i've to get a new sim with a static IP first, then it should works hopefully.