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I have an openvpn server running in a remote site, running in bridge mode. No problem at all when connecting with my PC: i can reach the network with no problem.

I need to connect a RUT240 to that vpn, so i configured it by the webui. The connection works with no problem, i can see the tap device has the right ip address on the network but the RUT240 can't ping nothing on that network. I know that the devices i am trying to ping are alive because i can ping them from the other client, so i can't figure out what the problem could be.

I know the configuration server-side is fine because the other client works flawlessly (server pushes the right ip, netmask and route).

Anyone would like to help me troubleshoot?


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If I understand correctly, you have a VPN server (unknown device) and a few VPN clients which one of them is RUT240. Could you share configuration details of RUT240 and other clients that can ping server devices? You can blur out sensitive information such as public IP.


First of all: thank you for your time.

Of course I can share them: below is the configuration file for the working client (windows pc)

while the webui configuration of the RUT240 is

Does the RUT240 LAN IP is in the same subnet as the server LAN IP? For example, if the server is 192.168.1.X then the client should be 192.168.1.Y
No it is not. Should that be?

I don't have knowledge on which ip is used and which is available in the vpn network class, the vpn server takes care of it delivering to the tap clients the right addresses. If i give to the RUT eth0 an address in the vpn class i will probably clash with some other address when the tap interface is up, right? (tap and eth are bridged).

I could not even NAT lan devices behind the RUT because they all would be exposed in the same network class, right?

That is a condition for TAP VPN connection to work properly. Entry from our wiki: 

Since the OpenVPN interface that comes up is bridged with the LAN interface, make sure the routers are in the same subnet ( in this case). While making sure of that, don't forget that the routers can't have the same IP address, just the same subnet (for example, if both routers have the LAN IP, the connection won't work; if one has, for example, and the other, then the connection will work).