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My RUT955 was up and running for more than a month, yesterday the internet connection was lost. I browsed this forum but none of the solutions provided (firmware update, resets) helped and I checked all recommended settings (WAN -> mobile, APN settings) with no resolution of my issue.

The SIM is connected but no internet connection is provided.

I did the following checks:

  • no change in any physical connections.
  • reboot the RUT955 with no effect. SIM connected but no access to the internet.
  • I checked the SIM card in another device, working fine there.
  • The SIM card is identified, connected, service provider is correctly given, but bytes received and sent are frozen.
  • Factory reset, SIM connected, no internet.
  • APN settings unchanged and fine, WAN set to mobile.
  • initial Firmware: RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1; updated first toRUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3 with no effect (SIM connected but no internet), then to RUT9_R_00.07.00, still no effect.
  • disconnected the device for 10 min from the power supply, after reboot no difference
The last entries of the log file after the last reboot are:
2021-10-15 22:17:45 Network Operator Connected to XXX operator (internal modem)
2021-10-15 22:17:45 Network Type Joined LTE network (internal modem)
2021-10-15 22:17:45 Mobile Data Mobile data connected (internal modem)

Help...! Any ideas?



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Have you contacted your network operator about this? Could you ask if they have made any changes in their networks such as APN? Also, could you send a troubleshoot file from your router (System > Administration > Troubleshoot). You can attach troubleshoot file by editing your first question.