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I see mixed posts already for similar issues over a broad range of Teltonika devices..  we purchased two TRB140's to use for basic LTE failover at customer sites.  Advertised as LTE Cat 4 (which has theoretical throughput up to 150/50Mbps) they seemed like a reasonable solution.

I have so far been able to achieve a max of between 3-8Mbps across both devices, both devices are on different provider networks with different sim's in different locations.  I have tried disabling almost everything in the TRB140 and configured as a bridge with no change.

I can install the SIM's in other devices and get 30-100Mbps+++.  

Comparing to mobile phones is unreasonable (cat15 devices for example) but I would like some transparency about these devices and for Teltonika to be honest about real world, theoretical max throughput for the TRB14x series devices based on the hardware used.

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I would like to ask if you could add a screenshot of your speed test? Also, have you tried to set manually different bands in your mobile settings?