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by anonymous

We are looking to use a RUT955 (or similar model with WLAN) as a wireless bridge to connect a non-wireless device (NWD) to a wireless network. The NWD will be connected to the LAN of the RUT955 and the RUT955 will connect to the WLAN.

The NWD will need to receive a DHCP from the WLAN, the RUT955 can have either a static or DHCP address from the WLAN.

We have found several articles referring to the RELAYD functionality. However, this isn't working for us. If we enable relayd and disable DHCP, the LAN client will not receive a DHCP address from the network. When we enable DHCP on the RUT955, the LAN client will receive an address from the RUT955 and can access the rest of the network through the WLAN. In the firewall the traffic is NATTED as the RUT955. The downside of this solution is that access from the network towards the LAN client is not possible.

We have tried this in 6.07.5 and 6.08.3.

Any suggestions anyone?

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by anonymous

Could you attach a screenshot of your relayd configuration and a picture of the topology? Does your NWD have an option for static IP configuration?

by anonymous
Yes, the NWD can be configured with a static IP address.

I have attached a screenshot of the relayd configuration and topology.
by anonymous
EDIT: I performed a factory reset (after upgrade to 6.08.3) and now it's working with a static IP address configured on the NWD. I was following this guide btw:
by anonymous
I have been looking and testing for a few days now, but I can't get DHCP to work at all. Using a static IP address works fine and using the DHCP server on the Teltonika works too (just a bit of a hassle to get traffic towards the LAN client).